Take advantage of the specialized Polish-English NUCLEAR dictionary. Our dictionary is in glossary form and contains the translation of over 1800 terms concerning nuclear energy.

Who is the dictionary addressed to?

Both to representatives of corporations, law firms and public institutions involved in nuclear energy, as well as translators, journalists and any other person interested in issues related to nuclear power.

How to use the dictionary?

The NUCLEAR dictionary is a search engine. You can select a language combination (from Polish to English or from English to Polish) and then search for a given term in the source language and display its translation in the target language.

Who are we?

The NUCLEAR dictionary was created BIRETA Professional Translations, a leader on the Polish technical translation market. It was developed in cooperation with nuclear power engineers. The Nuclear.pl Foundation has taken on the substantive patronage over the dictionary.

What are the benefits of using the dictionary?

The dictionary contains over one thousand three hundred terms ranging from the more general to the highly specialized. All terms have been reviewed by specialists who deal with the subject of nuclear power on a daily basis. You can therefore be sure that you are using the correct industry terminology.

The glossary is provided in the form of an online search engine, which makes it easy to find the translation of a given term. Some terms are also accompanied by additional comments and explanations.

The NUCLEAR glossary will be updated on a regular basis. We plan to add new terms and further information at least once a year. In addition to the terminology, we will also updating the dictionary app itself.

Where did the idea to create a dictionary come from?

In 2020, Bireta released the first specialized online glossary of wind energy terms. The OFFSHORE WIND dictionary has been very popular in the industry, so we decided to create its next edition. As the subject of the new dictionary, we chose another sector that is dynamically developing in Poland in which we have extensive translation experience.

We knew that thanks to the close cooperation of our translators with experts from the nuclear.pl Foundation, we could create a unique high-quality product that would support the development of the nuclear power industry in Poland.



Bireta Professional Translations is one of the largest translation services providers in Poland. Since its beginnings, the company has specialized in translations for the power sector, including services concerning nuclear power. Bireta's clients include GE Power Sp. z o.o., Siemens Sp. z o.o., Synthos Green Energy S.A., WorleyParsons Nuclear Services JSC, Korea Nuclear Association, IBERDROLA Engineering and Construction and others.



The nuclear.pl Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established to foster public debate on the Polish energy sector in the context of sustainable development principles, with particular emphasis on effectively reducing the environmental impact of power generation through nuclear power development in Poland.

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